Sport Flanders

Sport Flanders is the agency of the Flemish government responsible for the sports policy of the Flemish Community. The headquarters are located in Brussels.

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King Baudouin Foundation

An independent and pluralistic public institution.

For over 45 years, the King Baudouin Foundation has been working for the general interest in collaboration with many partners, experts, and donors. Through our actions, we aim to bring about sustainable and positive changes in society in Belgium, Europe, and around the world.

With our support, we strengthen organizations and citizens who contribute to a better society. We promote philanthropy and guide individuals and companies willing to contribute to a better world.

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Etage Tropical Productions

Welcome to the dance school Etage Tropical. What can you expect? We offer a wide range of dance styles, specializing primarily in tropical dances such as Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba. Additionally, we offer classes in classical ballet for children and adults, African dance, belly dancing, pole dancing, burlesque, ecstatic dance, and more...

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Dancesport Flanders

Dancesport Flanders is a recognized and subsidized single-sport federation by Bloso. Dancesport Flanders currently has more than 36,000 members, 240 clubs, and 300 instructors. Dancing with Dancesport Flanders... is dancing for everyone!

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Sports Department Ghent

Sports department of Ghent

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Sports Department Brussels

Sports department of Brussels

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Sports Department Ostend

Sports department of Ostend

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UiTPAS is a benefit card for leisure activities. With UiTPAS, you can participate in cultural, youth, sports, or leisure activities at a reduced rate. You can earn points when you participate in an activity with a UiTPAS partner. The points you earn can be exchanged for great benefits. UiTPAS is for everyone, from young to old. People in poverty are entitled to the chance rate at the checkout.

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Paspartoe is the leisure pass for Brussels. With Paspartoe, you can earn points and exchange them for great benefits. Paspartoe stands out for its extra attention to people in poverty.

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As a developer and distributor of aids for people with visual, reading, and learning difficulties, we make a difference. Whether you need reading or writing assistance as a student, once you start working, or as an older person, our aids provide you with these opportunities.

We are not only responsible for developing and providing our solutions for people with visual, reading, and learning difficulties but also contribute to the effective use of our aids through personal assistance and training.

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G-Sport Flanders

G-Sport Flanders is the reference point for G-sport and serves as a knowledge center for anyone interested in G-sport.

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Symfoon - Flemish platform for the blind and visually impaired. Symfoon builds inclusion from the strength of blind and visually impaired people. We stand for: creating opportunities, informing, sensitizing, collaborating.

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Light and Love

We help visually impaired and blind people build a quality life. Furthermore, we advocate for an 'inclusive' society, which includes those who have poor vision. Light and Love has been active since 1923. Over the years, we have become a versatile network.

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The Brailleliga is a nonprofit organization with the goal of helping blind and visually impaired individuals in all aspects of life.

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With more than 300 research-active staff members, HOGENT is a quality knowledge institution and an important innovation partner for companies, organizations, and governments.

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European Disability Card

The European Disability Card (EDC) is a card designed to assist people with disabilities in obtaining equal access to certain benefits and services in various European countries. The card is an initiative of the European Union and aims to enhance the mobility of persons with disabilities by providing them with a common identification tool recognized in multiple European countries.

Here are some of the potential benefits the card can offer, although specific benefits may vary between countries:

  • Discounts: The card may entitle holders to discounts or special rates for cultural events, transportation, accommodations, and recreational activities.
  • Access to specific locations: In some cases, the card can facilitate access to certain locations or events.
  • Assistance: The card can facilitate easier access to assistance and support, such as in museums, theaters, or other public places.
  • Access to public transport: Cardholders may be able to use specific services or facilities in public transport.

It is important to note that the available benefits and the recognition of the card may vary from country to country. Not all European countries participate in the EDC program, so it is advisable to check the specific rules and benefits that apply in the country where you intend to use the card. Individuals interested in obtaining a European Disability Card can contact the relevant authorities in their own country for more information.

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